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Residential & Commercial Plumbing Service & Repair, Add-ons & Tenant Improvements. 

English Speaking Only

We strive to exceed expectations. We work HARD to be clean and do what you expect, "A Good Job!" Brad is Union Trained and after 40+ years doing plumbing, he kinda knows what he is doing. You can expect the highest of standards.  Brad usually can provide you with a free consultation (in most situations) We will attempt to choose the scope of work that’s right for you and us, you see Brad must be happy too, ensuring quality... Call for details. 


Our work can be warranted when you take all our recomendations...!

Brad will ONLY advise you on  what he would do if it were his own home or business. Seriously, let's be straight, if you seek a low-budget, hurry-up and dam the torpedos plumber, Brad is not for you. Having said that neither will you be "over-sold" nor are our fees  exorbitant . Brad is NOT a comissioned employee (Beware of that !) I would rather get your repeat business then to try to retire off you on one trip - folks, plain and simple...

At your service...

Brad D a v i s

We are a small "Mom & Pop" business, I personally will be servicing you...We have additional professional help usually available.

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Most service calls can be addressed immediatly! 

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Artisan Plumbing Systems C-36 Lic.#486701

Pasadena-Monrovia, California, United States

(626) 359-2288

Our Normal Service Area is Pasadena thru Monrovia

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We serve Most of the San Gabriel Valley. Call for an appointment today!

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